3 years ago by: matt

Well another year comes to an end and the stats are in:

  • 12 flights across Europe
  • 2000+ miles driving across Europe
  • 7 Countries visited
  • 6 Skydives
  • 100 B.A.S.E jumps
  • 10 weeks abroad

I also got to work on some pretty interesting projects over the year. Early on in the year I finished off a project for a private client which was for tracking quality control across multiple companies. I contracted for a few months in Drogheda for an ECommerce platform and later on landed my first job working with Laravel/Lumen which is what I am currently working on. (A small API built in Lumen). Throughout the year I also got my first commit merged into the PhalconPHP core. I have built a few test projects with Phalcon over the year and love it!

I also managed to find time for a bigger film project that I have been wanting to do for a while. I filmed during the month of March across Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The result is an insight into the world of B.A.S.E jumping that I think is pretty interesting:

During August/September I spent another 4 weeks in Switzerland/Italy/Croatia and managed to jump some more amazing locations involving the famous Eiger Mushroom and Campione a cliff right above Lake Garda north of Italy. I managed to squeeze most of the highlights from this year into a little edit:

A nice way to finish off 2015 was getting a 10 year visa for the USA! A quick interview at the US embassy in Dublin and I was on my way to plan BIG for 2016.