2 years ago by: matt

So this is an issue that a few people on the forums and github have reported. Common scenario would be searching or filtering where you are adding additional parameters into your request. Something like the following:


Now you would expect the following output if you have your Paginator set up correctly:

<?php echo $page->next ?>


However that is currently not the case. Phalcon paginator will ignore any additional URL parameters and only output ?page=2.

So here's a quick mockup I created to solve the issue for the Paginator\Adapter\QueryBuilder. The exact same solution can be used for the Model Paginator if you want to override it.


namespace Lib\Paginator\Adapter;

use Phalcon\Http\Request;
use Phalcon\Paginator\Adapter;

class QueryBuilder extends Adapter\QueryBuilder

     * Returns a slice of the resultset to show in the pagination
    public function getPaginate()
        $page = parent::getPaginate();

        if ($this->_config['with_params'] === true)
            $page->firstQuery = $this->buildParamsQuery($page->first);
            $page->beforeQuery = $this->buildParamsQuery($page->before);
            $page->nextQuery = $this->buildParamsQuery($page->next);
            $page->lastQuery = $this->buildParamsQuery($page->last);

        return $page;

    private function buildParamsQuery($page)
        $request = new Request();
        $params = $request->get();
        $params['page'] = $page;

        $url = $params['_url'];

        $url .= '?' . http_build_query($params);

        return $url;


As you can see in the getPaginate() function it checks for a new config parameter 'with_params'. All you need to do is make sure that is now passed along in your controller when creating the Pagination QueryBuilder:

        $paginator = new QueryBuilder(array(
                'builder'     => $builder,
                'limit'       => 5,
                'page'        => $currentPage,
                'with_params' => true,

Now in your view replace $page->next with $page->nextQuery etc.. and you have your URL parameters kept alongside your pagination parameters.

$page->firstQuery;   //?page=1&sort=asc
$page->nextQuery;    //?page=2&sort=asc
$page->beforeQuery;  //?page=1&sort=asc
$page->lastQuery;    //?page=6&sort=asc

If I find some free time I will put in a pull request to the Phalcon Github to add this functionality into the core and update this post with a link to the documentation.