3 years ago by: matt

First meetup of 2016 and probably the best one I've attended so far. Rasmus Lerdorf himself gave a great presentation/introduction to PHP 7 which came with examples and benchmarks. I also loved the deployment example without loosing requests in progress. Obviously there is still no similar solution for deployments with schema changes but one can dream...

PHP 7.0.2 has already been released so there really is no reason to not upgrade anymore. I was lucky enough to be able to start off on my current project based on PHP 7 while it was still in beta as our live date was not until a few months after release which allowed us to implement PHP 7 features from the get go!

A lengthy 1+ hour Q&A session brought out a lot of interesting things too. One of my questions "In the next few years do you see anything coming along that has a similar impact as composer has had on the PHP ecosystem?" was answered with a fairly swift "No". 

That was the blunt short answer. The long answer was: "No, composer has solved one of the biggest issues in the language by enabling easy distribution of code, we attempted it ourselves with PEAR and PECL but ultimately failed".

Hopefully the next meetup can match this one as it certainly raised the bar. There is a full vagrant build that Rasmus uses himself included in the slides if you want to check it out.

You can get the slides from the presentation here.

Picture by: Adrian Mihaita Sandu