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Latest Update June 17th 2017:

Martin Palmer is now trading under ANOTHER new company called "Synagia". Company website here and their Facebook page here. Again STAY AWAY ITS A SCAM.

Also it was requested back in march to remove "Joseph Caroll" from this article as he was "just answering the phones" and not involved with any of this which I gladly complied with. However his name is now popping up again as registered with Synagia so here we are again:

Do not purchase anything of this guy as his name keeps popping up with these fraudulent companies:

His contact details if you'r still trying to get your deposit back:

Tel: 087 1473627
Email: Josephcaroll55@gmail.com (Josephcaroll55@gmail.com)

Latest Update May 9th 2017:

The Energy Doctors have deleted their Facebook page & Youtube videos. Here is the video that was deleted from the Energy Doctors Facebook page:

Latest update April 20th 2017: As you can read further below we were sold this product under the assumption we would get an SEAI grant for it. Turns out that too was a full blown lie. This is the response from SEAI:

When contractors register with the Better Energy Homes Programme, they sign an agreement to complete the works to the required standards and to meet the terms and conditions. If they do not do so, they are de-registered. ESS LTD T/A Lets Talk Solar was a registered contractor with SEAI until February this year when the company was deregistered. At that point, it was no longer possible for a homeowner to select this contractor from our website as part of a grant application.

Another lie to add to the lot below. RHS Energy / Lets Talk Solar are still insisting on no wrongdoing.

Update April 19th 2017: These guys are beginning to shut down their facebook profile and are now starting a new one here: https://www.facebook.com/energydoctors STAY AWAY its a scam. This is also who Liam Lennon is currently working for as shown below. Here they are introducing their new company on April first. (No not a joke): https://www.facebook.com/lyonessdessie/videos/vb.1800422910/10206625723560688 (Video has since been deleted)

They have stolen the videos from http://energycentre.ie for their facebook page. I have been on the phone to energycentre.ie and they have confirmed they are not affiliated in any way with Energy Doctors & also were not aware their marketing material has been stolen and being used by "Energy Doctors".

Edit: Since writing this post and emailing all parties I have received a response from Martin Palmer with the following:


Now the ironic thing is that 2 days prior to receiving this I had been on the phone to Kingspan Environmental who had assured me that we are dealing with a legit company. 

Kingspan has responded with the following: 

Kingspan's relationship with this business is purely as a supplier.

Update 14th April 2017 - I have also received the following from a previous customer of Lets Talk Solar:

Our story is similar to your Dad's in that quick sale & money off if we agreed to installation the following week etc., but that was three years ago . Our problem now is that we have recently discovered that Lets Talk Solar damaged our roof during the installation which has only come to light as we have a damp problem in ceiling below solar panels which is ongoing for past two years & my husband only recently discovered that they had put screws through a rafter which is causing water to get in & we have serious wet & rotting wood problem in the attic . Let's Talk Solar had been promising to come & look at the problem for weeks & then weren't answering their phones & now I believe they have gone out of business so that's the end of our 10 year guarantee. One of the lads phoned my husband agreeing that the prob dates back to when they installed the system & saying that he can help but will probably need to remove solar panels in trying to fix & that we would have to pay him for the work !!! It's all a big mess to say the least.

My husband says that he in fact sent photos of the damaged rafter via e-mail to Lets Talk Solar & he spoke to one of their staff by phone on a number of occasions who kept promising to show photos to relevant technical people but conversations at that stage seemed to suggest that things were going wrong with the company & eventually there was no answer to phone calls

Martin Palmer is actively replying to emails at this point which is at least some good news & appreciated.

I would like to point out to everyone else that has contacted me since this article went up that in our case Liam Lennon pitched it to us that the 10 year guarantee would fall back to Kingspan incase Lets Talk Solar do indeed go bust. Please check what documents you received if that is also the case for you & Kingspan is responsible for honoring your 10 year guarantee for your panels. Whether or not Kingspan has anything to do with the actual installation I don't know. 

We were also specifically told by Liam it would be Kingspan engineers that would come down to do the first assessment before installing the system. Whether or not all of that was a lie I have no idea at this point but continue reading below and make up your own mind.

We never got as far as actually receiving any of the documents so I can't confirm that is the case.

On the Lets Talk Solar website they list the following under deposit insurance, please check whatever documents you have and get in touch with the following:


Update April 18th 2017: I have received a call from Thompson Insurance Dublin who were very clear that they never had any dealings with "Lets Talk Solar" in terms of Deposit / Guarantee insurances for customers. They did provide some insurance services to "ES Energy Limited / Trading as Lets Talk Solar" but it had nothing to do with customers deposits. They are currently trying to get their name removed from the Lets Talk Solar website. 

Definitely appreciate the call & info. Unfortunately at this point Thompson Insurance Dublin was the only company to provide a prompt & clear response. 

IWA have issued the following. At this point it seems that RHS Energy / Lets Talk Solar were straight up involved in fraud. How can they sell a product including deposit insurance when they are no longer a member of said insurance?

Unfortunately Let’s Talk Solar were no longer a member of IWA from 7th March 2017, therefore you would have not been issued with the deposit protection certificate.

IWA has also confirmed that the deposit protection certificate should have been issued at the point of sale. Therefore Liam Lennon was directly involved in scamming us as he would have known he needs to issue it.

The Lets Talk Solar Facebook page now lists a Kingspan employee as an additional contact:

The following are listed as "Regulated bodies" on the Lets Talk Solar website. In our case SEAI were included in the sale as giving us a grant of 1,850 EUR. I am not sure at this point if these associations are actually involved or if Lets Talk Solar also just decided to throw their logos on their websites / sales presentation to make it look legit. 

Below is what was originally sent to Kingspan & all involved RHS parties:

Definitely not happy about posting this here but its a last resort to get someone in charge to contact us & also raise awareness about what seems to be an ongoing scam involving RHS Energy & Lets Talk Solar.

In early March my dad found a company "Lets Talk Solar" on the web and had gotten in touch with them to inquire about a solar heating system for hot water & house heating. 10 days later we had the sales & marketing manager "Liam Lennon" at the house. 

I'd like to stress that personally I think Liam may have got caught in a shitstorm and is not directly responsible for whats going on. However the timing of him selling us this system & then a week later saying I am no longer with the company is a bit too perfect to call it a coincidence. There is no way he wasn't aware of whats going on with this company but still decided to go ahead and keep selling. Liam is actually pretty professional at what he does but please take a good look at what he's selling you & the company behind it.

His Liam Lennon LinkedIn profile currently shows him working for "Energy Doctors". Edit: He has since receiving this post deleted his LinkedIn profile so here's a screenshot of what it was before deleting. Make of that what you will: (Updated LinkedIn profile with new profile)

Liam comes at you with the standard sales pitch of "buy today and you get 12% off the total cost of the system". We didn't accept and instead dad would take a week to decide. A week goes by and Liam comes back around to answer a few more questions for my dad & he decides to sign an order form for the full system. Now this is where I messed up. I should have started digging into this company a bit and done some research but everything seemed legit up until this point.

The first alarm bells started going off after finding the Lets Talk Solar Facebook page (Deleted since receiving this) after finding a number of comments asking the company to contact them and that they have not been able to contact them in weeks. Turns out they also started deleting any negative comments on the page including mine asking "Why are comments being removed?" 

So obviously at this point things started looking odd. Started digging and the first thing I came across was Radio one had just had an interview with Martin Palmer who apparently has taken over the "Lets Talk Solar" business. Or parts of it. Now in fairness to Martin he did state that they would still honor previous contracts from Lets Talk Solar. Again alarm bells ringing as now there's people calling them out on radio. 

Now looking into RHS Energy who have apparently taken over Lets Talk Solar, turns out they too are closing shop

Ok maybe this is all just a coincidence and they are closing their Irish branch and the UK branch is still active. Turns out the UK branch has changed names 3 times over the last 9 years:

Ok obviously looking pretty sketchy now but hey I give people the benefit of the doubt. We have their email & phone number on the sales order. Lets just quickly email them and clear this up:

Turns out the rhsenergy.com domain is suspended & throwing all emails back. Funny how the Facebook page was telling people to contact that email before they deleted all the posts. Actually the ironic thing is the comments weren't even negative. They were simply asking for a callback or asking where the previous comments went.

Ok, still not enough to convince me something is wrong. Lets just ring the phone number on the sales order form. Turns out it goes to a private home line & the lady on the other end has never even heard of this company before... 

At this point i'd like to point out and give some credit to Liam Lennon that he was still answering his phone and returning messages. We got the following contact details from him for RHS Energy & were told he is no longer with the company:

Owner - Martin Palmer
Tel: 0044 7540654892
Email: gingyp115@gmail.com

Martin Palmers LinkedIn profile. Also screenshot incase this is also deleted as a result of this post.

Keeping the screenshots here for future reference to prevent anyone else from getting caught in a scam with these guys.

At this point I convinced my dad to go to our solicitor and get some advice regarding our 14 day cooldown period to back out of the order. As it had been 7 days since signing the order form he reassured us we were fully within our rights to back out by sending them a registered letter. RHS Energy received the letter on the 30th of March 2017. At this point a single phone call to clarify what is going on could have resolved this issue.

At this point we went ahead and rang Kingspan Environmental to find out who we were actually dealing with and try to understand the confusion between Lets Talk Solar and RHS Energy. I think a big part of the confusion came from the fact that we initiated contact with Lets Talk Solar and ended up with an order form for RHS Energy. Kingspan did confirm RHS Energy is actively trading with them at the moment but could not comment any further. It did feel like they were holding back some info. I was promised a call back with more.

No answer from Martin Palmer to date. Joe (Office Manager) answered the phone twice. Each time coincidentally "meeting martin in 15 minutes, you'l get a callback". Still nothing.

Now in our case we simply want the deposit back. Ironically enough other customers who have the system think its fantastic but the only issue they are having is noone is contacting them. Its amazing how a simply 2 minute call to customers could have solved this issue weeks ago but instead they keep digging themselves into a hole. 

Either way make up your own mind whether they are a legit business taking the above into consideration. In my opinion if they were even semi serious they would have given us a call as soon as they received our cancellation letter to figure out a solution.