RHS Energy / Lets Talk Solar / Synagia ongoing Ireland Scam

1 year ago by: matt

Latest Update June 17th 2017:

Martin Palmer is now trading under ANOTHER new company called "Synagia". Company website here and their Facebook page here. Again STAY AWAY ITS A SCAM.

Also it was requested back in march to remove "Joseph Caroll" from this article as he was "just answering the phones" and not involved with any of this which I gladly complied with. However his name is now popping up aga...

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Pacific Crest Trail 2016 - Gear

2 years ago by: matt

In 2012 I came across a movie called "Into the wild" that has stuck with me ever since. It follow Christopher McCandless on a trip to get to the Alaskan wilderness. At the time I had just started my skydiving, B.A.S.E jumping training so I had to focus on that but the idea had been planted.

Last year I watched "wild" which was filmed along the Pacific Crest Trail and it was the missing piece I need...

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2015 is a wrap

2 years ago by: matt

Well another year comes to an end and the stats are in:

  • 12 flights across Europe
  • 2000+ miles driving across Europe
  • 7 Countries visited
  • 6 Skydives
  • 100 B.A.S.E jumps
  • 10 weeks abroad

I also got to work on some pretty interesting projects over the year. Early on in the year I finished off a project for a private client which was for tracking quality control across multiple companies. I contracted for a few m...

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